What Really Gets Results – Mindset

We all want success.

So we look to people who have been successful.

What they have done, what they have on common, what they do differently?

We read books on successful people.

We look up to great people, sports stars, movie stars, billionaires.

Especially in health and fitness and sports, we are consumed by what we need to do to become as successful as the people we aspire to be.

And yes we can learn how they train, how they recover, how they invest, how they lead how they motivate etc.

But there still lingers the question.

Why do some people who are the most gifted athletes not make it at the top level?

We can all think of someone who at a young age was tipped to be the next big thing, and they may have even got some success.

But then they fell from grace only to become that person who was meant to be great.

Conversely, we all know of someone that never had any expectation to be successful at their chosen endeavour.

And as if by some fluke they end up being a success!

Now of course they worked hard. Hard work is a given to achieve success.

But why?

Think about a time you failed.

We’ve all begun some quest researched and planned and put into action steps to achieve success in whatever it was we were working towards.

And yes we’ve all failed.

Of course we have also succeeded in things that weren’t the ideal time, setup, we hadn’t planned.

Now think about that situation and consider what was different?

I’d but my mortgage it was your mindset.

Mindset can push you towards success even if you don’t have the best resources for your goals.

We’ve all seen someone with a below average training program achieve impressive results.

They had the mindset to apply themselves in every way possible to achieve success.

So what is my point?

Not that you don’t need the perfect plan, training program or nutrition protocol.

But mindset is the most important thing you can nurture for success.

Add to that mindset all the good plans, approaches and hard work and you are guaranteed success.

But how best can you develop this mindset?

Get a good coach!

Good coaching will organise all the tick boxes you need to achieve success.

They have studied successful people and know the importance.

But, more importantly, they also know the need to develop a success mindset.

They know how to help you find your motivation, how to develop habits to long lasting success and keep you focused on whats important.

As always a simple plan followed by a motivated individual and mentored by a good coach will lead you to success.

Here’s a suggested process:

Find Your Motivation – Goal Set – Plan – Execute – Monitor and Modify – Build Habits

This will ensure mindset is driven towards success.

And is basically what a coach does!



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