4 Books For Healthy Habits

What holds people back from achieving their goals? Not having the right training program, the right equipment, or even the wrong supplements?!

I hope you answered no to all of those! You see, I think people know enough about exercise and nutrition to get results. The know they should lift weights, exercise more and eat more fruit, veg and protein and less processed crap!

Besides there is tons of information out there to find out what to do…

So why are they so many people confused, frustrated and ultimately not achieving what they want?

Because, very few people teach them strategies to make exercise and nutrition protocols long-term healthy habits.

I have been interested in building long-term healthy habits for the athletes I work with for a while and here are four books I think will help you too…

Mindset – Carol Dweck


Dr Carol Dweck shows you the importance of mindset and how the growth mindset will help you develop and learn from mistakes and not wallow in self pitty. Everyone has the ability to improve so long as they have the mindset to. A growth mindset will teach you to take away positives from any chalenges you face and make you adaptable and more robust for future challenges. Whenever something bad happens to you think, what can I learn from this so it won’t happen again?

The Willpower Instinct – Kelly McGonigal


I listened to this on audible and found that I would extend my commute to get to the golden advice! This is ideal for anyone who struggles to stick to a diet or training regime. Learn everything there is to know about the science of willpower and how to improve your own. You will learn that willpower is finite and decreases in times of stress. This highlighted to me how extreme training programs and diets don’t work long-term as they actually challenge your self control more. What you need is an approach that is achievable and progressive. It’s really interesting that the more you think about not doing something bad the more likely you are to do it! don’t be that person develop you self-control to stick wiht healthy habits.


The One Thing – Gary Keller


The One Thing highlights how to make anything become a habit by focusing on one thing at a time. I know when you read that it souns like common-sense after all “one thing at a time” is a common saying!¬†However, a¬†mistake I see people make when trying to get fitter/healthier is doing too much at once. They do powerlifting to get stronger, Crossfit to get fitter, Intermittent fasting to get lean, take new supplements to get bi! If all these things are new to them then that is a lot of information to digest, compute and comply with! Often you see people go well for a bit then crash into failure and reverting to their old habits. Yes habits! you see they haven’t thought about how they will make exercise and nutrition become their habit. The One Thing will help you figure out the right approach.

The Chimp Paradox – Steve Peters


The Chimp Paradox explains how evolution has left us with competing parts of the brain. One “the chimp” which is focused on primitive needs and desires which can sabotage your rational brain. Another great book if you struggle to maintain a nutrition or training regime. It will teach you strategies to combat the chimp and help you achieve healthy habits.

Please share this article with anyone you know who struggles to stick with the plan when it comes to fitness and nutrition so they can learn how to build healthy habits!

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