2 Weeks To A Better Body – How To Avoid The “What The Heck Effect”

If you’ve read any of my previous writings I’m sure you’ll appreciate my philosophy of consistent progress to achieve your goals.

We often know what we need to do to get there but we find reasons or lose motivation for the end goal which hijack our progress towards them.

As an example: If you want to get in better shape you probably know you should be doing 3 resistance training sessions a week, 1 challenging HIT session a week and 1-2 easy cardio sessions per week.

The problem?

Life gets in the way!

Maybe you’ve got a deadline for work, exams looming, it’s the holidays, you’re travelling a lot or have demands on your time with family.

This is normal, but the problem occurs when people use it is an excuse and fall off the wagon so to speak!

Reading The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal it highlighted the “what the heck effect” where people make a small error and then say “what the heck” and completely give up on the plan and throw in the towel.

Thats why hardcore workouts don’t always work for people and I recommend a more pragmatic approach the majority of the time.

The solution?

Firstly, and this is the hardcore one!

Make time.

Get up earlier, organise your schedule better, prioritise your health and fitness.

When people actually sit down and look at how much time they have and how they use it they are often surprised at the wasted time they could use better.

But that doesn’t really get around the “what the heck effect”. It is going to happen so we shouldn’t react by going on a massive fast food bender!

The second approach is my preferred and the more laid back!

Instead of planning for a week, plan for 2 weeks and allow some flexibility.

The plan is now: Every 2 weeks complete 6 resistance training sessions 2 HIT sessions and 2-4 moderate cardio sessions.

If one week you are busy you do less, then when you have more time and energy you do more. Be flexible but make sure over the 2 weeks you get close to 100% compliance.

Trust me. Working in Pro sport you can have ridiculous turnarounds between games. If you don’t panic and know when to push the training and when to hold back you’ll be fine.

With this approach you are more likely to avoid the “what the heck effect” and generate consistent progress towards your goals. It should also alleviate the stress.

Give this a try and let me know how it goes.

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