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I am Jamie Bain, a highly motivated, experienced and professional strength and conditioning coach. I am currently working in the top division of the English rugby union, ‘The AVIVA Premiership’.

My motivation behind making this website is to provide millions of strength and fitness enthusiasts with honest, sensible and pragmatic guidance which is very hard to find due to so many confusing and complicated information sources available online.

I have been studying and practicing health and fitness for more than 15 years now. During my career I have come across many beginners and even some old-timers who get confused and troubled by the perplexing volumes of information online. What these guys need is simple, unbiased and factual guidance which is not hard to absorb and THIS website aims to give them just that.

I plan to make Strength Made Simple.com the primary and cherished source of common sense training advice. I will also be providing un-biased and honest product reviews so that you can know for sure which product is best for you. If you are tired and frustrated after spending your hard earned money on useless products and need a professional and honest opinion, then this is exactly the place where you need to be.

This website will help and guide you in achieving whatever fitness goals you have set for yourself by providing a simplified, easy to follow and yet highly effective version of the practices used in the mainstream fitness industry. Your will, combined with my passion and experience in the field of strength and fitness will take us through a rewarding journey of transformation. You YOURSELF will be a witness to the rapid evolution of your body and mind. I strive to give the best results and always try to deliver beyond the expectations of the people who believe in me.

So gear up and follow my instructions, the fun is about to get started!

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People I've worked with

Mariano Galarza


Jamie is a Great Strength Coach. His knowledge, professionalism and commitment allow him to achieve great results with the athletes that he is coaching. The Planning that he makes for the different stages of the year makes perfect sense, adapting to the specific needs of each player.

I’ve been working with him for more than a year, during this period I had 2 Shoulders surgeries/operations (SLAP and major pectoral Tear) and both times he has done a fantastic Job to get me back on the field. Together with the Physios, he has planned all my stages of the rehab, knowing perfectly what I needed in each moment. After the second operation I didn’t know if I was going to be fit for the World Cup, but he pushed me to the limit so I could get there in really good shape.

The best thing about Jamie is that he pushes you to the maximum, working hard and in a great work environment, always in a good mood, it will encourage you to come back the next day and train harder!!

Marlon Devonish MBE


I have worked with Jamie for over two years and he is a fantastic strength and conditioning coach. While combining his witty personality and professionalism, Jamie gets the best out of the players he works with while maintaining the element of fun. In my opinion he is a solid member of the team and can be relied on in any circumstance.

Darren Dawidiuk

Working with Jamie is very enjoyable, he has a very positive way about him that comes across extremely well when he’s coaching. His enthusiasm and encouragement towards people only makes them want to work harder in pushing themselves and getting the most out of their training.

I like Jamie’s ability to help people develop areas of weakness and make them become strengths. I have had tendonopathy issues with my knee and over a period of time working with Jamie we have combined rehab, mobility and strength training to recover from these issues and now I’m able to train fully without any pain, instability and most importantly no weakness.

Jamie can design a program to cater the trainer’s personality. He knows exactly what sort of training I like to do and can design a program that will maximize my training and push me to get the results I want. What makes Jamie stand out from the rest is that he can make any training session enjoyable even when he’s pushing you to your optimum level of fitness.

Anthony Turner


Jamie is an excellent strength and conditioning coach. He has a unique ability to simplify complex subjects and apply them to whatever environment he is working in. His methodical planning and organization of training sets him apart from most, but above all, he is a great bloke who has a real passion for his work. His enthusiasm is infectious and makes him a pleasure to work with.

Julie Gooderick


Jamie is a dedicated and knowledgeable coach who brings his passion to every session. He caters for every individual within the session and makes sure everyone is suitably challenged. Jamie’s approach to coaching is simple and focuses on correct movement patterns, maximising efficiency and getting strong! Jamie is the sort of coach that can hold the attention of a room and bring a real team ethos into sessions. His knowledge of rugby is outstanding and his work within the game has undoubtedly helped move the area of strength and conditioning forward in the sport.

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