Rings, Kettlebells and Barbells: A Training Program

In my recent interview with strength coach Dan John he said that “if all you had were rings, kettlebells and barbells you could do amazing things and bring your athletes up to a pretty high level faster”. Thanks to the popularity of CrossFit all of that equipment is available easily and affordably and has lead… Read more »

How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast!

 I’ve been reading, researching, training and coaching for a long time now and I have tried so many different approaches, spent a ton of money on products and programs but I still go to conferences, read books and meet new coaches hoping for something ground breaking and new. Every time, however, I come away disappointed…. Read more »

Product Review: Fix Your Own Back

If you’ve been lifting for any amount of time then I’m sure you’ve at some point come across back pain. It’s almost inevitable at some point in a persistent lifters career. Well my friend, Dr Snell from Fix Your Own Back has come up with a kick ass product that will help you relieve sciatica… Read more »

How To Stop Getting Confused About Strength Training

There is so much strength training information out there. which is great. But it can also be confusing. One coach tells you to Squat. Another tells you to bulgarian split squat. One coach says eat low carbs. The other says to use carb back-loading. One coach says to perform one set to failure. Another says do… Read more »

Ultimate Reading List For Upcoming Strength Coaches

In the Strength Coach business if you’re not reading your moving backwards, things move on rapidly and it is your responsibility to invest time and money into your continuing education. A good start is to commit to reading one new book each month. Having said that it is also worth reading over old books because… Read more »

Top Ten Strength Coaches to Follow on Twitter

Obviously the main purpose of twitter is to follow hot fitness models! But there are some great resources on their too! Whether it’s strength coaches, sports scientists or personal trainers, twitter is a vehicle to spread news of their own products, services and research as well as other peoples. So here are my top ten… Read more »

How To Get Your First Pullup

Pull Ups are a fundamental exercise that everyone should use. Not everyone can do them though and I frequently get asked the quickest way to achieve them. If thats you then read on to learn how to get your first pullup. Before we get started on training for it there are few things that will make a… Read more »

Wave Loading – Eastern European Strength Secret To Long-Term Success

Wave loading is a training technique that originates from Eastern Europe. It varies the loading to allow adaptation to the stimulus and thus; improves performance. It can be used during a session, over the course of the week and long-term as well. This article will give examples of all three methods of wave loading. Wave… Read more »

101 Strength Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Getting Stronger

1. Lift Heavy Weights! 80-90% of 1RM loads should be used. It is obvious but it needs to be number one priority. 2. Focus on technique whenever you lift. Concentrate on creating as much tension as possible and make your warm up sets feel like work sets. 3. Focus your sessions on 3-4 big exercises…. Read more »

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