Density Training For Strength

If you’ve read much of my work you will know how important I think organised progression is. I think all programs should be designed with built in progression protocols that will be able to continue for an extended period. The most common progression strategies used in training are to increase the weight lifted or to… Read more »

5 Training Lessons From Doug Hepburn

My Friend James Darley of Historic Performance has kindly published an article I wrote about Doug Hepburn 5 Training Lessons From Doug Hepburn Hepburn had a challenging life and has some solid training lessons that stand the test of time. Hepburn was a big influence on The Abacus Method (which is coming soon!) He was… Read more »

5 Ways to Fit Your Mobility in Without Compromising Your Training (You won’t believe no.2!)

There has been a huge increase in popularity in rehab and mobility work recently. Which, don’t get me wrong, is a good thing. But as can often happen people get carried away with something new. Before you know it people spend more time mobilising than what really matters. Getting STRONG! Dan John discusses it here in my interview with… Read more »

Product Review: RepBoards

Repboards allow trainers to perform board presses without the need of a spotter. This is ideal for garage gym athletes or people without a training partner. If you want to increase your bench press this review is exactly what you need. I will give a thorough review of the repboards but first I’ll explain the benefits… Read more »

5 Best Supplements For Strength Athletes

A lot of people have been asking for a blog about supplements recently so I’ve given in and here are the supplements I recommend for strength athletes. But first before you invest any money into the below supplements make sure you have your nutrition dialed in, supplements are only there to assist your natural whole… Read more »

Top 8 Companies all Strength Coaches Would Love to Work for…

Its most strength coaches dream to work in elite sport whether it be with individuals or teams, however there are several companies that provide unique working opportunities that can’t be matched by pro sport. Here are 8 companies you might find suit your personality and career aspirations: Onnit Academy & Defranco’s Gym This is two… Read more »

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