5 Different Ways To Perform A Rep

I need to start by saying that the following techniques are not to be the bulk of your program. If you are a frequent reader of Strength Made Simple you will know this. The majority of your training should be heavy compound lifts, low reps and moderate sets. However, these rep methods are novel techniques for… Read more »

How To Teach The Power Clean Simply

Some coaches believe that the olympic lifts are too technical for athletes. They think that it takes too long to teach. Because of this they use other exercises to develop explosive power. But what if it wasn’t too difficult to teach? What if they could teach it quickly and easily? Would it then be a good exercise… Read more »

How to Put 15Kg on Your Deadlift Without Breaking a Sweat – The Steve Justa Singles Review

I first read about the Steve Justa Singles Routine in Dan John and Pavel Tsatsoulines awesome book Easy Strength. It is a simple deadlift program where you use 70% of your 1RM and perform singles everyday building the volume up from 3×1 on day 1 to 15×1 on day 7 (that’s right add 2 singles… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons Strength Athletes Should Use Coconut Oil

Strength Athletes have figured out the benefits of a good fat consumption. The problem seems to be a fear of carbs, but that is another blog in itself.   Good sources of fats are avocados, nuts, seeds, animal fats, eggs and oils. There are great oils available; olive, rapeseed, avocado etc. But it’s coconut oil that is one… Read more »

Book Review: The Talent Code

Nature vs. Nurture is an age-old debate that pops up regularly in the strength and conditioning world. Talent hotbeds that spring up seemingly randomly can’t be explained by genetics alone. Author Daniel Coyle tries to explain the magic behind these hotbeds and talent itself. On his travels Coyle visits high achieving schools, musical establishments, the streets… Read more »

Dan John Interview – Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of my interview with Strength Legend Dan John. Click here for Part 1   You have an interesting opinion on rehab/prehab work suggesting we should spend more time using full range of motion overhead squats for example rather than foam rolling for hours. Could you explain that?   I feel… Read more »

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