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4 Books For Healthy Habits

What holds people back from achieving their goals? Not having the right training program, the right equipment, or even the wrong supplements?! I hope you answered no to all of those! You see, I think people know enough about exercise and nutrition to get results. The know they should lift weights, exercise more and eat… Read more »

Book Review: The Renegade Diet by Jason Ferruggia

  Jason is one of the top online strength and health coaches out there and The Renegade Diet is one of his best ebooks. He has a track record of taking complex training topics and making them simple and easy to follow. The Renegade diet does this for nutrition and then some! Plus his clients have… Read more »

Ultimate Reading List For Upcoming Strength Coaches

In the Strength Coach business if you’re not reading your moving backwards, things move on rapidly and it is your responsibility to invest time and money into your continuing education. A good start is to commit to reading one new book each month. Having said that it is also worth reading over old books because… Read more »

Book Review: The Talent Code

Nature vs. Nurture is an age-old debate that pops up regularly in the strength and conditioning world. Talent hotbeds that spring up seemingly randomly can’t be explained by genetics alone. Author Daniel Coyle tries to explain the magic behind these hotbeds and talent itself. On his travels Coyle visits high achieving schools, musical establishments, the streets… Read more »

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