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2 Weeks To A Better Body – How To Avoid The “What The Heck Effect”

If you’ve read any of my previous writings I’m sure you’ll appreciate my philosophy of consistent progress to achieve your goals. We often know what we need to do to get there but we find reasons or lose motivation for the end goal which hijack our progress towards them. As an example: If you want… Read more »

Marginal Gains – A Rant!

*** Caution! This is just a rant and in no way meant to cause anyone offence, unless you love marginal gains! *** Over the past 10 years or so there has been a lot of press about “marginal gains”. I think it was Team Sky who were so instrumental in getting this term to become… Read more »

What I’ve been up to…

I am aware I haven’t posted here for ages and I apologise! I’ve been busy with other things. One thing out of my control which I’ll be writing about soon. And another thing that I have been in control of and really enjoying. You may know I’ve become more involved with and have been… Read more »

20 Great Strength Quotes To Inspire You to Be A Better Lifter

Quotes are great to use on the whiteboard or in training programs to keep people motivated and inspired. They can also make you look intelligent!! Here are 20 of the best strength quotes to motivate you to be a better lifter: “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” – William Arthur Ward… Read more »

Top Ten Strength Coaches to Follow on Twitter

Obviously the main purpose of twitter is to follow hot fitness models! But there are some great resources on their too! Whether it’s strength coaches, sports scientists or personal trainers, twitter is a vehicle to spread news of their own products, services and research as well as other peoples. So here are my top ten… Read more »

Christmas WishList For Lifters

Yes it’s that time of year. December is upon us and we are probably already sick of all the over hyped christmas marketing that has been going on for months. I think it should only be allowed to start in December. Bar Humbug! Anyway, it is December so I have prepared a list of gift… Read more »

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