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A Simple Periodisation Plan

In last weeks blog post where I spoke about simplifying how we program and train, my aim was to do just that. Unfortunately it may have confused people! I’ve had a few questions about how to put this in place and for specific examples. So, here is a quick example of simple periodisation for you… Read more »

Park Bench and Bus Bench Workouts

In my interview with the great Dan John (part1, part2) he talks about Park Bench and Bus Bench workouts. As always Dan has a great knack for simplifying training approaches and I think it is a great analogy for training. In case you don’t know what he means here’s my two cents and some examples… Read more »

Marginal Gains – A Rant!

*** Caution! This is just a rant and in no way meant to cause anyone offence, unless you love marginal gains! *** Over the past 10 years or so there has been a lot of press about “marginal gains”. I think it was Team Sky who were so instrumental in getting this term to become… Read more »

New Article at Rugby Renegade

Head over to Rugby Renegade to see my latest article over there and learn 5 simple conditioning sessions for rugby: 5 Simple Conditioning Sessions For Rugby Enjoy!  

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