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Marginal Gains – A Rant!

*** Caution! This is just a rant and in no way meant to cause anyone offence, unless you love marginal gains! *** Over the past 10 years or so there has been a lot of press about “marginal gains”. I think it was Team Sky who were so instrumental in getting this term to become… Read more »

Great “Old School” Strength Advice

Here is some classic old school strength advice that I stumbled upon. I don’t remember where I first saw these?! I think it was an article with Jim Wendler or Dave Tate. But anyway, it doesn’t matter its some excellent and simple training recommendations that would be a great start for any lifter. It’s an… Read more »

The Answer to All S&C Questions – It Depends!!

For all the information we have access to we still need to put it all into perspective. Into context. Into reality. You see we read the latest research we, go to conferences, we discuss with other coaches. And that’s great! It gives us the background, the raw science. It helps us connect the dots in… Read more »

The Benefits of Minimalist Training

Getting stronger, more aesthetic and improving your performance doesn’t have to come from slogging it out day in day out. In fact, high volume “muscle magazine” training can actually be detrimental to your goals and a minimalist style of training can be extremely beneficial. Firstly, you have more time to recover. Contrary to popular belief,… Read more »

20 Great Strength Quotes To Inspire You to Be A Better Lifter

Quotes are great to use on the whiteboard or in training programs to keep people motivated and inspired. They can also make you look intelligent!! Here are 20 of the best strength quotes to motivate you to be a better lifter: “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” – William Arthur Ward… Read more »

6 Things to Ask Yourself Before Switching Training Programs

The amount of strength training programs out there is astonishing. If you Google strength training programs you get 8 million 3 hundred thousand hits! So, it is no wonder that people get distracted and jump to the “next big thing” training program. Although this may keep you entertained and enthused to train, it won’t help… Read more »

Rings, Kettlebells and Barbells: A Training Program

In my recent interview with strength coach Dan John he said that “if all you had were rings, kettlebells and barbells you could do amazing things and bring your athletes up to a pretty high level faster”. Thanks to the popularity of CrossFit all of that equipment is available easily and affordably and has lead… Read more »

How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast!

 I’ve been reading, researching, training and coaching for a long time now and I have tried so many different approaches, spent a ton of money on products and programs but I still go to conferences, read books and meet new coaches hoping for something ground breaking and new. Every time, however, I come away disappointed…. Read more »

How To Get Your First Pullup

Pull Ups are a fundamental exercise that everyone should use. Not everyone can do them though and I frequently get asked the quickest way to achieve them. If thats you then read on to learn how to get your first pullup. Before we get started on training for it there are few things that will make a… Read more »

Wave Loading – Eastern European Strength Secret To Long-Term Success

Wave loading is a training technique that originates from Eastern Europe. It varies the loading to allow adaptation to the stimulus and thus; improves performance. It can be used during a session, over the course of the week and long-term as well. This article will give examples of all three methods of wave loading. Wave… Read more »

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