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Great “Old School” Strength Advice

Here is some classic old school strength advice that I stumbled upon. I don’t remember where I first saw these?! I think it was an article with Jim Wendler or Dave Tate. But anyway, it doesn’t matter its some excellent and simple training recommendations that would be a great start for any lifter. It’s an… Read more »

The Answer to All S&C Questions – It Depends!!

For all the information we have access to we still need to put it all into perspective. Into context. Into reality. You see we read the latest research we, go to conferences, we discuss with other coaches. And that’s great! It gives us the background, the raw science. It helps us connect the dots in… Read more »

Ultimate Reading List For Upcoming Strength Coaches

In the Strength Coach business if you’re not reading your moving backwards, things move on rapidly and it is your responsibility to invest time and money into your continuing education. A good start is to commit to reading one new book each month. Having said that it is also worth reading over old books because… Read more »

Top Ten Strength Coaches to Follow on Twitter

Obviously the main purpose of twitter is to follow hot fitness models! But there are some great resources on their too! Whether it’s strength coaches, sports scientists or personal trainers, twitter is a vehicle to spread news of their own products, services and research as well as other peoples. So here are my top ten… Read more »

Top 5 WattBike Sessions For Rugby

Here’s a link to my latest article over at Rugby Renegade: Top 5 WattBike Sessions For Rugby Let me know if you have another good WattBike sessions for rugby, or challenging conditioning sessions in general.

Top 8 Companies all Strength Coaches Would Love to Work for…

Its most strength coaches dream to work in elite sport whether it be with individuals or teams, however there are several companies that provide unique working opportunities that can’t be matched by pro sport. Here are 8 companies you might find suit your personality and career aspirations: Onnit Academy & Defranco’s Gym This is two… Read more »

How To Teach The Power Clean Simply

Some coaches believe that the olympic lifts are too technical for athletes. They think that it takes too long to teach. Because of this they use other exercises to develop explosive power. But what if it wasn’t too difficult to teach? What if they could teach it quickly and easily? Would it then be a good exercise… Read more »

New Article at Rugby Renegade

Head over to Rugby Renegade to see my latest article over there and learn 5 simple conditioning sessions for rugby: 5 Simple Conditioning Sessions For Rugby Enjoy!  

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