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Great “Old School” Strength Advice

Here is some classic old school strength advice that I stumbled upon. I don’t remember where I first saw these?! I think it was an article with Jim Wendler or Dave Tate. But anyway, it doesn’t matter its some excellent and simple training recommendations that would be a great start for any lifter. It’s an… Read more »

The Answer to All S&C Questions – It Depends!!

For all the information we have access to we still need to put it all into perspective. Into context. Into reality. You see we read the latest research we, go to conferences, we discuss with other coaches. And that’s great! It gives us the background, the raw science. It helps us connect the dots in… Read more »

Sleep & Performance: Part 2 – Phases of Sleep

SMS: Today’s Blog is Sleep & Performance Part 2 by Rob Parkinson Senior Physiotherapist at Gloucester Rugby (Read Part 1 Here): My first guest blog for Strength Made Simple focused on Sleep habits and how we could make changes to our own habits to maximize high quality. In part two I’m going to look at the… Read more »

How To Stop Getting Confused About Strength Training

There is so much strength training information out there. which is great. But it can also be confusing. One coach tells you to Squat. Another tells you to bulgarian split squat. One coach says eat low carbs. The other says to use carb back-loading. One coach says to perform one set to failure. Another says do… Read more »

101 Strength Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Getting Stronger

1. Lift Heavy Weights! 80-90% of 1RM loads should be used. It is obvious but it needs to be number one priority. 2. Focus on technique whenever you lift. Concentrate on creating as much tension as possible and make your warm up sets feel like work sets. 3. Focus your sessions on 3-4 big exercises…. Read more »

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